Site Rules

This is a set of requests to insure every one of our guests has a pleasant stay, stays safe and considers each other and their surroundings. We wish to make Old Buckenham Country Park a place for everyone to enjoy.

  • Check in must be before 8pm.

  • Site gates will be closed at 9pm (if you are out for the evening – please park in designated parking by entrance. 

  • Fire pits – Have to be off the ground and contained and all used coals must be place in ash bins. : We reserve the right to temporarily ban the use of fire pits if the ground is too dry. 

  • Fire wood to be purchased from us – from the café.

  • BBQ’s MUST be off the ground.

  • 9pm ‘Quiet time’: No music or loud social groups in camping areas.

  • Obstacle course is ‘out of bounds’ to everyone – unless booked in and disclaimer has been filled in.

  • 1 tent (van) per pitch (regardless of size)

  • Hot ash: BBQ coal and fire pit ash MUST be disposed off in appropriate ash bins NOT in general waste.

  • Rubbish and recycling to be put into designated bins.

  • No swimming in the lakes.

  • Drinks consumed on decking/in café building/coverings must be purchased from the café.

  • Do not empty chemical waste into toilets – there is a disposal point – please ask a member of staff.

  • Pick up your Dog poo.

  • Your children are YOUR responsibility.

  • Please be considerate to other guests, staff and our neighbours.

  • Please adhere to current Covid guidelines.

  • Have a wonderful time.


Any guests not adhering to the rules, or affecting other guests with antisocial behaviour will be asked to leave immediately.