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Wildlife Program

We have teamed up with talk: Wildlife to offer a number of wildlife activities. They are designed for all age-groups and available to both resident at the campsite and casual day visitors.

Keep your eye on the website, social media and the camp noticeboard for details.

Introducing talk: Wildlife

My interest in wildlife was triggered by a school visit to Kruger National Park in South Africa when I was 12-years-old. Since then, some might say that I have become a bit obsessed by the natural world. I revel in sharing that obsession especially with those, young and old, who are just discovering nature.

I set talk: Wildlife up over 20 years ago as an online wildlife and conservation magazine – in the time before blogs! I relaunched a couple of years ago when I introduced my You Tube channel. Alongside talk: Wildlife, I have worked in wildlife engagement and education since 2016.

I am looking forward to meeting you all at Old Buckenham Country Park and sharing some special wildlife experiences.

Stoat © - talk Wildlife.JPG

Guided Walks

Explore the wildlife found in the park and surrounding area. We run a number of walks, designed for families, those new to wildlife and wildlife hobbyists, including:

  • Up with the Larks: an early morning walk to listen to the dawn chorus and identify nature’s musicians.

  • Exit light – enter night: a twilight stroll to watch the daytime wildlife settle for the night and discover the creatures which replace them after dark.

  • See the wood for the trees: an introduction to trees, how to identify them, how they live and the part they play in the natural world.

  • Birds, bugs, frogs and slugs: a walk around the park to seek out the wildlife – who knows what could turn up.

Wildlife Talks

Sit back with a drink and maybe a snack from the café and enjoy one of Allan’s entertaining talks. He uses photographs and props from the world of wildlife, making the talks accessible for all ages. The talks include:

  • Natural Norfolk and its wildlife

  • Wings of scales – a world of moths and butterflies

  • Fowl play – the lives of ducks, geese and swans

  • Nature’s record breakers

  • Caught in a rut – deer of the UK

Little Stint - Titchwell - © talk Wildlife.JPG
Gatekeeper - © talk Wildlife (1).JPG

Discover Activities

The natural world is full of plants and animals doing interesting things. Get hands-on and set out on a world of discovery with Allan.

  • Discover: Moths

  • Discover: Life in the Lake

  • Discover: Mini-beasts

  • Discover: Pollinators

  • Discover: Birds

Look & Learn Trails

Fancy exploring on your own or with the family? You can pick up one of our self-led ‘Look and Learn’ trail sheets from the café. You can choose from ‘Spot-it’, ‘Nature Treasure Hunt’ and ‘Wildlife Detective’ sheets.

Four-spotted Chaser - © talk Wildlife.JPG
Common Frog - © talk Wildlife.JPG

Journal of Discovery

Keep your own journal during your visit. They are great fun to put together and Allan will be happy to give you some tips.


Whether you keep a wildlife journal or one that covers your whole holiday, they are great for recording your special memories.

Nature Games

We have a number of activities for kids, from colouring-in to word searches, crosswords to puzzles. We also run regular family wildlife quizzes - see our notice boards for details.

Greater Stitchwort - © talk Wildlife.JPG
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