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Wildlife at the Park

We deliver a number of wildlife walks, talks and activities.


Designed specifically for families, the events are suitable for all ages, fact-filled and great fun.

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Wildlife Activities

Old Buckenham Country Park unfolds as a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, offering an immersive experience in the heart of nature. The park's landscape teems with a diverse array of flora and fauna, creating a vibrant ecosystem that captivates the senses. Embark on wildlife walks that wind through wooded trails, open meadows, and along the serene lakeside, providing ample opportunities for birdwatching and glimpses of elusive woodland creatures.

Nature Enthusiasts

Nature enthusiasts can witness the dance of butterflies, the gentle rustle of small mammals, and the vibrant colors of seasonal wildflowers. The park's dedicated wildlife activities, guided by knowledgeable experts, offer a deeper understanding of the local ecosystem. Whether it's a bird identification tour, a butterfly spotting adventure, or a night-time exploration to uncover the mysteries of nocturnal wildlife, Old Buckenham Country Park invites visitors to connect with the natural world in a meaningful and educational way. It's a sanctuary where every step is a discovery, and every moment spent in the midst of the wild is a testament to the beauty and biodiversity that thrives within this tranquil escape.

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Schools and Groups

The park is set in 32-acres of Norfolk’s wonderful countryside It is sensitively managed with wildlife in mind. It's many hedgerows provide suitable habitats for a variety of flora and fauna species, making it an ideal location for learning about natural history.

Facilities: Classroom sized Education Marquee, toilets, pond dipping, plenty of picnic space, a playground, and car/coach parking. The park also has a café where snacks, drinks etc can be purchased if required.


Explore on your own

If you are visiting the park, you could go on your own adventure by completing one of the many self-led trails. Look out for the ‘Fun and Facts’ trails during the holidays, the ‘Spot-it’ sheets, talks and more. Pick up the trail sheets from the café or talk wildlife hut.

Keep your eye on the events section of the website, social media and the camp noticeboard for details. If you are camping, you’ll find information in your welcome pack.

Camp residents ask us for your monthly Wildlife Activity packs.

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